A Few Words About Us

Personal attention, personal results.

When you hire DalyLaw, you are hiring an attorney to handle your case. Not a celebrity who will have no contact with you OR your case.

You WILL meet directly with the attorney, everyone knows your name, case details, and we respond personally to customers. We maintain this ethic because we only take a limited number of cases so we may effectively focus on each customer.

Focus on achieving results. Not on impressing customers.

At DalyLaw our #1 goal is to ensure our clients are comfortable and feel their case is in capable hands. We look like you, dress like you, and talk like you.We believe in being direct and honest with our customers, and we will always (regardless of reaction) tell customers the legal reality, and what they need to hear not what they want to hear.

What We Offer?

True Legal Representation..

  • We know the channels to legally force insurance companies to disclose how much coverage is available
  • When appropriate we will use the correct legal statutes and regulations to force insurance companies to pay all the monies available before you have completed treatment.
  • We work closely and directly with medical providers to determine the optimal time to make a demand on your behalf instead of using a 'universal playbook'.
  • We maintain no business connections, kickbacks, or retainers with medical professionals, lein companies, tow truck drivers, ambulance companies, property damage shops, or insurance companies.