More Words About Us

Equal attention, equal results.

At DalyLaw, we treat all cases the same regardless if you have a small or large settlement case. We believe every client deserves equal respect, equal treatement, and equal results.

A friendly dose of reality.

At DalyLaw we do not make unrealistic commitments simply so we can take your case and subsequently burry you in attorney's fees.

At every new interview customers are told the cold hard truth that we do not know:
  • What your claim is worth or how long it will take because of factors such as the full extent of your injuries, what kind of treatment you will need, how long your treatment will take or how much it will cost.
  • How much time you will or may miss work
  • The condition you will be in after treatment
We do however use the letter of Nevada law including statutes NRS 690B.042, 686A.310, 690B.012 and regulations including NAC 686.600 - 675 and current case law to ensure you make a demand on your behalf before medical treatment is complete. This benefits you because you pay less medical bills, and fewer attorney's fees and you receive the maximum financial gain.

Do I need an attorney?

How do I know when I should consult an attorney?

  • As soon as you have been involved in any car accident for at least a free consultation.
  • If you experienced any noticible and substantial injury
  • If a police report was filed
At DalyLaw, we look out for customers as if they are long-time friends. Regardless if we ultimately refer to another legal office, or you retain our service, come experience

The Daly Difference!!