The Daly Difference

We tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear!

At DalyLaw we remember that we work for YOU! You meet with the attorney directly at the first meeting, and when you call and have questions for the attorney you can speak directly with him. Everyone knows your name, face, case details, and the staff AND attorney respond personally to your questions.

Initial consultation is always free.

Unlike our competitors you meet directly with the attorney even if you are not satisfied with your representation, for usually approximately 1 hour. We take pride in this rarity in times where the attorney saying 'hello' to perspective clients is a foreign occurrence.

Should your case require an appeal, our attorney is licensed in state and federal appelate courts as well as the US Supreme Court.

Fees Fees Fees!

Other attorneys

  • Lien your file at huge hourly rates as a disincentive for you to change attorneys.
  • Lower hourly attorneys fees only to tack on costs, charges for in-house file open & closing fees, phone calls, faxes, copies, postage, courier, and other misc expenses.
  • Inform you that you are responsible to pay costs even if you do not recover
  • Do not explain the possibility of using your health insurance or explain the difference between health insurance or liens.

At DalyLaw

  • We do not charge any of the above items and we operate strictly on a set hourly rate based on contingency.

    We do not get paid if we do not recover!!