Auto Accidents Only

Rather than spread ourselves thin and watering down our effectiveness by specializing on too many areas, we sharply and effectively focus on what we do best: Auto Accidents

A Daly Difference!

DalyLaw believes in practicing law the way lawyers used to do things back when they were still held in high regard. Unlike our competitors, at DalyLaw we:

  • Know the legal methods to force insurance companies to immediately disclose limits
  • Advise you on treatment so you do not incur more medical bills than the defendant has insurance coverage
  • Properly time a demand on your behalf to maximize the amount that ends up in your pocket

Services Overview

Hiring Us.

When you hire DalyLaw for your auto accident case, you are entering into a Mutual Agreement. We believe you should clearly understand what you are legally entitled to, what fees and costs you might incur, and what you can expect from us at the conclusion of your case. There are no surprises!

We Focus on You.

Personal relationships with our clients is extremely important to our firm. So that we can achieve focused personal results, we handle a limited number of cases and we are not afraid to turn down clients to enable us to focus on your case. We accept cases we believe in, we take pride in disclosing all of our services up front!

We specifically take pride in the uniqueness of our attorney-client agreement because:

  • We operate 100% on contingency without creating an exorbitant lein!
  • We include the legal ethics rule for attorney fees in the retainer agreement.
  • We do not charge exorbidant or variable hourly rates
  • If you change your mind at any time you may discontinue services
  • We carry Malpractice insurance